Semitt Falls - FIRE!FIRE!FIRE! featuring Lance Hargreaves from G.R.I.M

Global Warning lyric video by Semitt Falls

We Be Dinosaur - Semitt Falls

Artwork by Kane Kong Illustrates

Animation by Paul Kendrick

Semitt Falls, We Be Dinosaur Video Trailer

Semitt Falls at The Roadhouse. Filmed by Selective Visions. Performing In Fiction We Trust

Semitt Falls at The Roadhouse in Manchester.

manchester comic con

i had a really good day at manchester comic con yesterday and what made the day better is that is was my birthday!

saw some really cool artists there, made me realise how far i am away from my dream.  but the ones my wife and i spoke to were all down to earth and really positive about drawing.  i asked tyler wilson (who has only been drawing for 18 months!!!) what he recommended just hard graft.  really nice guy, and my wife was talking to comic artist andrew tunney about fashion!

all in all it was a really good day out in manchester.  we saw so cool cosplay as well and on the way home someone asked if they could take our picture because they took pics of fashion…me in a fashion pic haha

and then decided to get another acoustic guitar and a ukulele from my birthday money…

good times.


Brian Cox on the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Geneva.
lights, japanese scrolls, vikings and such…

well got the day booked off, done artwork for the Bansenshukai and done some more work on the viking book.

getting ready for the asthma clinic, then off to town to see if we can meet lights, see if jesse lacey is with kevin devine…oh yeah and buy my wife the second book in hunger games…

oh yeah and i am not in work!!

brand new

today was pretty mint…

firstly it was a very cold and wet day here in manchester, uk.  but my wife and i decided that we had to meet brand new because they were playing at manchester academy. 

we ended up meeting vinnie and jesse and they were awesome guys.

then the gig happened and oh me god it was brilliant!!!